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  • Deven Joshi

    Deven Joshi

    Google Developer Expert, Flutter | Technical Writer | Speaker

  • Tushar Agarwal

    Tushar Agarwal

    Cloud and DevOps Lead — APAC at GlobalLogic

  • Devon Carew

    Devon Carew

    Software Engineer @ Google

  • Filip Hracek

    Filip Hracek

    Developer and manager working on Google’s Dart programming language and Flutter SDK; gamebooks enthusiast; https://filiph.net

  • David Fumo

    David Fumo

    Passionate about technology, software development and financial markets.

  • Tom Barrett

    Tom Barrett

    Helping people re-discover the curiosity they had when they were 6 years old; designing learning that uses that curiosity to change the world around us.

  • Jenn J

    Jenn J

    Hey everyone my name is Jenn and together with your help we can make everyones day better step by step Motivational+LifeLessons+Leadership (Not taking credit)

  • Phil McKinney

    Phil McKinney

    // Author of Beyond The Obvious // Host of Killer Innovations podcast // Pres & CEO of CableLabs // Retired HP CTO // All opinions are mine //

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